Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Some of the newly elected Councillors are struggling with the idea of public service. One particular Toryboy is coming in for a bit of attention. Already shown a red card for accusing, at a public meeting, another Councillor of failing to declare an interest, he's still not got the hang of decent behaviour. We get passes to the City car park, for use on Council business only. Toryboy took to parking his car there all day, whilst he went to work, saving himself some £40 a week. Fair enough he did campaign on lowering car park charges, he just forgot to say he would be the only beneficiary! And now he's been letting himself into the post room to read the morning paper. Saves a couple of quid, I suppose. We don't have an explanation for his actions, and there could be one, because he keeps cancelling appointments at the last minute, leaving officers sitting around fuming. Careful with his own cash,but he doesn't seem to mind waisting the Councils time and money.


Chris said...

I hope details of Toryboy's behaviour will be raised at Council and perhaps also forwarded to the local media.
It just shows the sort of tribe now representing the Tories in Truro

R. Alderton said...

name and shame