Thursday, 4 October 2007


When I started on on my political career, all of 18 months ago, I knew as little about Seagulls as anyone else. But a month of knocking on doors in Boscawen made it plain to me that people and Gulls were not living together in harmony. Do something about the Gulls and we'll vote for you, they said. So I learnt about Gulls. They weigh a kilo, live 35 years, have no predators, they have 3 chicks a year, fly at up to 60mph and the population is growing at between 15% and 25% per year. They are moving into the cities in a big way. Out on the cliffs they are an endangered species. Try telling that to anyone with a breeding pair nesting on the roof, when the noise starts at 4 am.

So I got featured in the West Briton, front page of the Packet, Radio Cornwall phone ins and had lots of meetings, trying to get the District Councils to act together. We've had a survey done, by Dr Peter Rock the leading expert on Gulls, so we know how many there are, and tomorrow we are having another meeting. The plan is to run a series of Seagull Awareness events, starting in Feb. But why wait until then. Cornwall is the only place where Gulls attack people and that's because you upcountry people think it's entertaining to throw your chips at them. Well pack it in, its not helpful.

So far, not a single Gull has suffered as a result of my campaign. In fact several have taken to nesting on my roof. But the tide is turning, my feathered friends, and soon their will be some actions taken, although I can't be specific as to what they may be, at this exact moment.

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