Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Railway Club

Congratulations to the Railway Club for winning the Darts League. A bit of good news in whats been a very difficult period for them. I was at a meeting on affordable housing at the club a week, or so, ago. When it finished I looked in at the bar to say hello, and had a pint forced on me. Come down to the Britannia, it's the last but one darts match, win this and we've won the league, they said. Well the Britannia is the nearest pub to me, so it's a lift home and I can slide away after ten minutes. I don't know much about darts, but it looked to be high quality stuff. The Railway Club won, but the guys from the Brit, who had won the league for the last five years in a row, took it in tremendous spirit. One of their players, 'Shorty' it said on the back of his shirt, was probably the best player there, but was beaten by one of the clubs young lads, said to me 'that's the best game I've had all season, I loved it'. Such sportsmanship. Those guys showed how a game should be played. Well done lads.

The celebrations went on long into the night, and I had some trouble explaining to my wife how I'd got home long after midnight, when I'd supposedly gone to a meeting on affordable housing!

Thursday, 10 April 2008


Interesting one at Planning last night. Someone has already got permission to build three houses on the beach at Porthtowan, subject to a condition that a slope condition survey be carried out. I don't know how they got permission in the first place, but now we're just dealing with a condition preventing them building, until everyone is happy that they won't undermine the slope above the development, which could lead to the slope collapsing and bringing the houses above it down. Basically everything is built on a mixture of sand and shale, what somebody called mobile and slightly less mobile material. Despite four expert opinions, one of which Carrick paid for, saying that it was almost certainly safe, Councillors couldn't quite see it and rejected the application. No doubt it will go to appeal.