Saturday, 20 October 2007

Royal Cornwall Hospital

Moving with a speed previously unknown up at the Hospital, they have deleted the video I linked to in the previous post. A shame, but impressive. Perhaps the new Management are more efficient than the last lot. Implies that someone is reading my blog, though. Finishes off a bit of a poor week really. My motion that the City Council hold monthly surgeries out on the Farmers Market, you know, meet actual people, was defeated by the old dead party (Independents), and my piece on Radio Cornwall finally got broadcast at 7 o'clock Saturday morning. As if anyone is listening at that time.

Still there's the Rugby to look forward to. Mebyon Kernow's PPC sent me a Facebook invitation to join a group 'South African for the Day'. I don't know whats wrong with those boys, any proper Celt would enjoy the prospect of wallowing in glorious defeat. Nicking a grim one point win would be fine too. Go Phil!

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