Thursday, 1 November 2007


A 1960's office building in New Bridge Street is being converted into flats, so I got invited along to the Chairman of Planning to look at the plans. In fact the developers had already been given permission by the Planning Inspector, against the Councils wishes, and we were only looking at a proposal to increase the number of flats from 8 to 10.

Having already lost an Appeal the Planners had no enthusiasm to fight this, and felt we had to accept it. But my main interest was slightly different. This building bridges a footpath into a small park and at night time seems to be regarded as a convenient toilet. This is a major nuisance for people, many of whom have to pick their way through this mess the next day, on their way to work. I suggested we ask the developers if they could improve the lighting or put in cameras, or find some deterrent,which would benefit the new residents as well as those of us that use the footpath. Reluctantly the Planners agreed to do this, although it seemed to be a novel and surprising suggestion to them.

I suppose it would help if we didn't close the public toilets at night, or would it? It seems people have no regard for anyone else these days and do what they want, where they want.

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