Monday, 31 March 2008

An Resek Hellys

The amount of personal stuff on this blog has occasionally been commented on. Kindly folk have said it has a touch of Bridget Jones, less kindly, that's you Cowley Street, have said that Rob has grasped that no one reads these blogs, so he doesn't waste time working out clever things to say, he just tells us what he did yesterday. What I did yesterday was An Resek Hellys, a 10 mile race from Helston. It's a great run, through the streets of Helston, famous for the Flora Dance, out onto the Penrose estate to Looe beach, across the beach and along the coastal path to Gunwalloe and then up to Culdrose and home. Afterwards we went to an old pub on the Lizard and sat outside in the spring sunshine, rerunning the race over a pint or two of Betty Stoggs. Bliss. For those who are really interested, I'm just a couple of pounds off having lost three stone, the runnings going well and I was pleased with my time. Now off to Truro City Council for a meeting.


Almost a month without blogging. Not that I've been idle, but well even minor Councillors have private lives and mines been a bit trickier than usual of late. I'll start off with a nice easy post. In the past I've mocked Treliske Hospital, posting amusing videos I'd found on YouTube, which seemed to upset them. All I can say in my defence is that they are a bit of an easy target, and the videos were funny. Well on Sunday my son was playing football, against Falmouth. He's a goalie and well known for his bravery in the tackles. Not something he gets from his father! On Sunday the inevitable happened and he ended up in Treliske, with a suspected broken ankle. The staff were brilliant. Helpful, fast, efficient and caring, really all a fretting mother could ask for (father wasn't there, of course, but was ensconced in a warm country pub, oblivious to the drama). Things moved so quickly, the x-rays got back to the ward before the patient did!

So thank you Treliske. I'll still post any videos I find, but as you probably muttered to yourselves before, the world needs Doctors and Nurses more than it needs Councillors and I know my place.