Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Last night I attended my first Christmas planning meeting. Here in Truro we have just set up a Bids Board, that's where 1% of the business rate is diverted to a company,the Bids Board, to be used to improve the District. And the first thing we are spending money on are Christmas lights. Because Truro has so many of the big chain stores, who often don't contribute to community things, like lights, the burden of fund raising was falling on a smaller and smaller group of independent retailers, until we reached a point a couple of years ago when we had no Christmas lights at all! So Working for Truro was formed to set up a Bids scheme. And we are getting going just in time to set up the lights. Of course we won't please everyone, but it will get better and better, as we develop.

And we have real live Reindeer, pulling Santa in his sleigh through Boscawen Street. Roll on Christmas!

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