Saturday, 6 October 2007

Too Political

I recently asked the powers that be, at our local Council, if they could put a link to my blog in the 'getting in touch with your local Councillor' section. No, its too political, they said. Two points come to mind. Firstly, er yeah, well spotted, I'm a member of a political party, I stood in an election with a political agenda and am part of a political group on the Council. Your point is? Secondly, can my ramblings about Railway Club's, Football Club's, jogging, etc be considered too political?. As long as I keep off the Conservatives it's just community stuff. And the Tories are big boys, they don't mind.

I'm inclined to push this one a bit further.

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Gavin Whenman said...

So, a political institution (the council) is worried about being too political?

Push it further, you are democratically elected, they are not (I'm kind of assuming it was the "civil service" side of the council that said no) - and the whole point of local government is that is founded upon local democracy.