Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Takeover Day

To celebrate the United Nations charter on the rights of the child, the 23rd November is to be Takeover Day, when some of the 11 million children and young people in this country will get the chance to be in charge. As Carrick's Children and Young Peoples Champion I have approached the Mayor of Truro, and she has agreed to let a young person take over, and I'm waiting on replies from the Mayors of Falmouth and Penryn. It should be great fun, and an opportunity to highlight the position of young people in our society.

When people complain about young people hanging about on street corners or in the park, I say 'imagine if there were no pubs', and these conversations usually take place in pubs, 'what would we do after work?' Well we'd hang about on street corners making a nuisance of ourselves. And it wouldn't be long before some bright spark bought a couple of tins from the Off Licence and then we'd have the Police around. Young People just need somewhere safe to go. Takeover Day should be a fun way of highlighting their concerns.

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