Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Young Turks

The lunchtime news is still insisting that the main topic of conversation at Conference is the Leadership. It's not. But one interesting thing did come out, the strength of the what the press are calling the parties Young Turks. We do seem to have a number of very talented people coming through. Not just MP's either, the Leader of Liverpool City Council, Councillor Warren Bradley, spoke passionately and eloquently about his City at the reception Liverpool gave to celebrate being European City of Culture 2008. Any Council would want him as leader, and if he became an MP he'd give Nick and Chris a run for their money.

Contrast this with the Conservatives. When they jettison Cameron where will they go? Back into the Thatcher past? Boris? there is no alternative, as they said once before, and they're stuck with him.

So let's no get cross with the press, they're just looking for a story, and the real story that's begining to emerge is the depth of talent in the LibDems today.

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