Sunday, 9 September 2007


Well, I managed to send the Carnival off in the right direction, and in roughly the right order, bringing an end to a busy week. Not an entirely successful week, not the result we wanted with the Railway Club and I got savaged in, but we live to fight on for the Club and if you can't take a bit of criticism, you shouldn't be in politics.

On the bright side the PPC planning meeting went well. Terrye is proving to be a hard working and determined PPC and is gathering a good team. We're ready for the election, whenever it's called. Friday night, on the way home from the Carrick Meeting,I called in to the Old Ale House where the Young Liberals were having their first meeting. I lurked near the back, not really qualifying for entry, and it was great to see so many keen young people becoming active in the Party. There was just one moment, when one of them said he had attended a meeting and 'there was me, and like, the rest where over 70!'. I coughed politely, for I too had been at that meeting. But I don't suppose there's much difference between 51 and 70! Anyway great to see them meeting up, and I look forward to seeing them getting some campaigning going.

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