Friday, 28 September 2007


Our Organiser, having got election fever, had us out leafleting in Falmouth. I doubt that there will be a snap election, but Anna didn't want to risk being left with a pile of launch leaflets for Terrye Teverson, our recently appointed PPC, so she had us toiling all day. Fair enough, they have to go out anyway and we delivered near to 3000 yesterday.

In the evening I helped dish out the prizes for the Truro in Bloom competition. It's always a great event, because so many children are involved. So there was lots of noise and laughter throughout and the kids marched up and shook hands politely as they got their certificates. Then the older, deeply tanned, gardeners came up for their prizes, and the children clapped them. Followed by refreshments. A great evening and a credit to the Parks Department and Staff of the City Council, especially Richard and Kirsty, who do the organising.

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