Monday, 3 September 2007

Off We Go

September arrives with a bang - an important and busy week ahead. Today we meet with the Barrister to discuss the Railway Club Appeal, then off to interview people who will speak up for the Club at the hearing. Tonight we've got a full session of Truro City Council. Tuesday sees preparation for the hearing and dealing with my in- tray, then Wednesday and Thursday are taken up by the hearing itself. I really hope we can do a proper job for the people at the Club, they don't deserve all this hassle. Squeeze in a quick meet with the Twinning Committee Wednesday night and the Police Liaison Committee Thursday night.

Friday sees a meeting with the PPC and then the start of negotiations with County over the Unitary. That's likely to be a bit unpleasant, but we must pull together to make sure there's no disruption in the delivery of services.

Saturday is Carnival day and I've managed to get myself put in charge of marshaling the floats and seeing that they go off in the correct order and on time.

So a busy week with one or two potential banana skins!

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