Thursday, 27 September 2007

Labour Mismanagement

Down here we're suffering from a good example of Labour mismanagement. Cornwall has been piloting a concessionary bus fare scheme, free travel for the over 65's. It's a good scheme and, of course, it's very popular with our large retired community. The districts were each given 600k to run the scheme, and five of the districts have made money out of the scheme. But no allowance was made for us having the County Hospital, being the main shopping centre and a major transport hub. So Carrick taxpayers have had to pay out an extra half million pounds!

Next year the scheme goes nationwide. So any pensioner down on holiday will get free travel. The population of Cornwall at least doubles in the summer. Will the shortfall double?, will we be paying out a million pounds for this scheme next year? we have no idea, but we'll have to pay it, whatever the cost.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all in favour of the scheme. It's a great scheme, but like so many of Labours plans it sounds great, but implementation is poorley thought out, everything falls apart when it comes to paying for it, and the taxpayers pay for the mess.

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