Saturday, 1 September 2007

First Month Done

That's a month of blogging now and whilst it seems generally well received, there has been criticism of the content and, indeed, style. And now some tips on improving my image. Seems I should :-

1. Run slower
2. Learn to play the guitar
3. Support Wolves.

If I ran any slower it wouldn't be running. Many years ago I ran in a 10k race. I was pottering along when I heard this slap slap noise behind me. Then a little old lady wearing green flash plimsolls overtook me. 'Keep going, you're doing well' she said. That was a low point.

I spent a summer trying to learn to play ' a horse with no name'. I just can't. I can sing Pulp's Common People at Karaoke. Well I reckon I can, anyway.

Supporting Wolves is out of the question. A. It's near Birmingham and B... well A's enough. Actually I've started going to Truro City. Non league football and a taste for real ale! really I'm not as dull as that makes me sound. But it's fun. An easy walk to the ground, meet a few people and chat as we watch. And we sing 'Oh Truro' to the tune of 'Amore' and 'We are Truro, no one likes us and we don't care'. In fact, probably most people are mildly indifferent to us, but it doesn't scan so well.

Anyway thanks for reading.

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Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks for the link. I've reciprocated. I think this is exaclt what a councillor blog should be. A mix of information, trivia, information about you and some good old local bias. Well done.