Monday, 10 September 2007


At the Carnival I went and watched the Cornish wrestling, or wrasslin', tournament. Cornish wrestling is one of those things that's not that interesting to watch, for the ignorant layman, like myself, being very technical with quite complex rules and scoring, but in it's context can be very enjoyable. This tournament was held in the shadow of the Cathedral, on Cathedral Green, and watched by quite a large crowd, including the Bishop, many of them wearing Cornish tartan. But for me the most interesting thing was the Judges. Each bout is judged by three guys who walk around the ring carrying long sticks. They're called Sticklers. The scoring is so complex that it's not always obvious who the winner is, until the Sticklers detailed score sheets come in. Is this where the phrase 'Stickler for detail' comes from?

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