Wednesday, 14 November 2007


Christmas lights meeting a bit more eventful than expected. One of the main sets of lights that had been put up in Boscawen Street Monday evening, came crashing down Tuesday lunchtime, injuring two people, damaging a car and forcing QS to close for two hours. Unbelievable. For years people have been clambering up ladders and hanging the lights off whatever was handy. Now Health and Safety have stopped all that, and we've had to employ a major company to do it, at a terrific cost, which included £30,000 to test and renew the infrastructure, and we have our first major incident ever! Unbelievable. It's on the front page of the Western Morning News at if you want more.

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Alix said...

This made me smile - about ten minutes after you posted this they had one Alan Slater (I think) on R4 who has published a collection of ridiculous things councils have done in the name of health & safety, uprooting yew trees, banning egg and spoon races etc. I wonder if there are enough incidents like this for a companion volume?