Monday, 12 November 2007


Last week, as a Licensing Sub Committee, we heard an application from a club that wanted to extend it's opening hours until 4.30 a.m. The Police objected and sent along an Inspector,no less, who told us that after 3 a.m shifts change and there could be as little as 3 policeman on duty to cover the entire town, at a time when the club is emptying between 500 and 900 people out on to the streets. An incident elsewhere could mean that the police would be unable to respond to calls if there was trouble outside the club.

Before I was a Councillor I was completely in favour of 24 hour drinking, and would have said 'the demand exists, the Police need to change their shifts'. Now I find myself supporting the Police and listening to residents who object to the noise and nuisance. Have I abandoned my principles?, or am I responding sensibly to the concerns of the Police and the community I represent?

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