Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Blogging again

I'd sort of let this blog go to sleep, but Cornishcassandra has put it on his links, with the last time I blogged glaring out at me. 6 months ago. Election results. There were a number of reasons for stopping. Partly it just becomes a list of things a Councillor has done, as the Village Idiot pointed out last week, although happily he was talking about someone else! and partly because it's only read by people who are involved in politics and, for some reason, a large following I was developing in Inverness! The best way to talk to local people is still to get out and knock on their doors, which I've been doing with my Parking Survey. The old knock and drop, time consuming but a great way to communicate.
What I don't mention on the doorsteps, is that I've put on a stone since the campaign started, which for me was at the begining of February. In theory canvassing is good exercise, but in reality I would get home at half eight, make a pile of sandwiches and open a bottle of wine. Not much better once elected, too many buffet lunches and still home late to a pile of sandwiches. And no time for running. There's a Council up country that weighs the Mayor at the start of the term, and again at the finish, if they've put on weight they've obviously been troughing at the public expense. Looking bad for me at the moment. Still, I've been out twice this week, running down to Malpas and back, and I'm planning to do the Jamaica Inn to Brown Willy run on New Years Day. Won't be breaking any records, not least because my occasional running partner has reduced her training to having one of her Christmas chocs with her early morning cup of tea. But we'll be there.
Then, on New Years Day, I'll get on the scales. Thankfully not in public!