Sunday, 7 June 2009

Truro Boscawen Results

At last a long and difficult campaign is over. Don't think I could have managed another week! But a good result to show for it, I got 578, Conservatives 512, Greens 155, Mebyon Kernow 149 and Labour 65 on a turnout of 41%, so LibDem hold! No time to sit about though, I couldn't deal with all the issues raised on the doorstep straight away, so get the ball rolling on them on Monday. Then there's the training, where the Council tries to swamp you with more stuff than you can possibly read, keep you of their backs, and the Thank You Focus for the Ward, oh and I'd better get round and thank my deliverers. We got out three Focus's, Blue Envelopes and a Good Morning leaflet, without their support I wouldn't have made it. Better look after them, because I think we're going to be needing them again soon!

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