Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year

Failed to get up and do the Brown Willie run. But did get out for a slow 6 miles, along the river, and then braved the scales. Not a happy moment. Been out for a run, or walk, every day since!

But there are more important things than my weight in the weeks ahead. Tomorrow the Newham appeal starts. That's the plan to build 1000 houses on the edge of Truro, adding perhaps 3000 people to our population, an increase of about 15%. We knocked the developers back when they tried to slip it past the Implementation Executive, in the weeks between the ending of the old, and much loved, Districts and the start of the Unitary. I'm reasonably confident that we'll knock them back again, but it's always tricky with the Inspectors sent down from Bristol.

Friday sees the Parking Panel meeting again. I'm not a member of the Panel, no Truro Councillor is, despite Truro contributing something like £3 million a year to the Council, but Cllr Wallace knows best. And the plan seems to be to raise as much money as possible from parking charges. Mind you, the only plan I've come up with is Residents Parking for the whole of my ward. That means paying to park outside your own house, so another tax really. Not surprisingly it's got Officer support and knocking on doors I'm finding reluctant acceptance, but if anyone has a better idea, let's hear it.

Later in the month the Cabinet will discuss the southern relief road, but more of that when we get to it.

The Youth Council meets tomorrow night. They're in the process of setting up and I just go along to help out. The enthusiasm is inspiring, and I'm amazed at their confidence.
Plus, of course all the usual Licensing and Planning and etc, that occupies my time in between cleaning the B and B and finding excuses not to go for a run!

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