Thursday, 9 August 2007

Railway Club

I've been working on the railway, all the day long. Or so it seems as I rush about gathering evidence for the Planning hearing. It can all get a bit impersonal, just filling out forms, typing out statements, hurrying to get stuff done in time. Or it was until my wife looked over my shoulder, as I was typing out details of a young lad, 8 years old, suddenly diagnosed with leukemia. The people at the Railway Club had collected £500 to help out the family, who are really in turmoil. All great evidence of the Clubs community spirit, to be typed out and sent off to the Barrister. Until my wife said 'Oh that poor lad. He's in the class below ours, his brother is in our class, they are really struggling, it's a desperate desperate situation'. Real people. People ask why I'm a Councillor and I always joke ' the money and the glamour'. But here's the reality. I can fill out forms and deal with Barristers, or whoever, for people who either can't, or have other priorities. Sometimes it's a privilege.

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