Sunday, 5 August 2007

The Railway Club

For those who don't know Truro, the Railway Club started life about 70 years ago as the Great Western Railways Staff Club, but now is more of a Social Club, occupying a ramshackle old building by the Station. Over the years many people in Truro have been touched by the Club, they run all sorts of activities for the elderly, have several youth football teams and do loads of charitable stuff for local people, but now it's under threat. The nice people at Wainhomes want to knock it down and earn another million building flats. Are they offering proper compensation?. Course not. We've knocked them back at three Planning Meetings so far, but they've appealed to the Planning Inspector in Bristol and it's going to be all or nothing at big a hearing in City Hall on 5th September. But we are gathering support, lots of dignitaries turned out at an exhibition of Railway memorabillia they opened on Friday. The Mayor of Truro, Chairman of Carrick Council, Lady Mary Holborrow and assorted Councillors, including myself, all came to support. No sign of Joan Bayez and surely this struggle is right up her street. There's never a folk singer about when you need one. Anyway the Club needs all the support it can get so make a note in your diary to come along and give us some support on the 5th.

Off to see the Simpsons movie tonight. My teenage son has consented to me accompanying him, on certain conditions. I have to pay for the tickets and the popcorn and mustn't try to talk to any of his mates, should he meet any. And definitely don't mention I'm a Councillor. Not cool apparently.

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