Wednesday, 29 August 2007


I've had a couple of anonymous comments on the Newlyn post I put out yesterday. I've published them, but don't intend to publish anything else marked anonymous. If you don't have the balls to put your name to a comment, your views aren't worth reading.

Candy Atherton a good MP? After she visited South Crofty tin mine and asked when COAL production had stopped there, we realised how much she knew about, or cared for, Cornwall. It was then just a matter of time before she packed that big carpet bag of hers, and headed back to Islington.

Signs of Cornish Nationalism aren't hard to see. St Pirans flag flies everywhere these days. The English Heritage rose is generally painted over with the Piran emblem. Graffiti on signs or on walls or even across the road itself, are commonplace. Usually saying 'hope your second home burns' or something similarly cheery. When the Loving Cup of England visited Truro on its tour of the cities of England, in the run up to St Georges day, it was met by an angry flag waving crowd who didn't want it here. I could go on, but take a look at the Cornwall24 website if you want more.

Oh no! I'm dealing with more than one subject in my post! the other anonymous will be tutting! bet he doesn't like exclamation marks either!


Jan Stewer said...

You have put up some good arguments to counter my comments so why get so excited about my wishing to remain anonymous??
Before submitting a comment,there is an option provided marked anonymous.
I used that option.

Rob Nolan said...

Sounds fair enough. Usually name and address supplied in the local paper, means its the Independant Cllrs Mum writing in for him!