Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Railway Club

Well I'm afraid we lost the fight to save the Railway Club. It will be swept away and replaced by modern flats. Truro is changing rapidly at the moment, the Co-Op, which is popular with older folk who live in the centre of town, is to be demolished and replaced with smart new shops. And Luke's, an old fashioned hardware come all sorts of stuff shop, is closing, because they can't afford the rent and rates.

I know we can't get get stuck in the past, that shops change, but here we are with a number of places that are popular and provide a service to the community, are indeed part of the community, that are disappearing and we can't do a thing about it. We just sit and watch the Coffee Shops open and Truro become anywhere UK. Actually we don't just sit there, we're busy spending hours deciding whether someone can have a Victorian Conservatory on their 1960's bungalow in the middle of nowhere.

Just a little bitter at the moment. I guess it's the same everywhere. When are we going to get some legislation that will allow us to protect our local communities? to do the job we were elected to do?

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