Thursday, 17 January 2008

Planning again

Well I might moan about planning, but there's no doubt that it's important to people. A four and a half hour Planning Committee meeting last night, with a couple of controversial issues and quite a crowd. People get quite passionate and it's good that they get to see the Committee deliberating. What does annoy me though is the Committee Members who get up and go as soon as the issues in their Ward are dealt with. There was nothing for Truro, the nearest was in Malpas, but I stuck out the full session. One Tory wandered in and out during the first matter, voted and then left. Not good enough


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Nolan

I have just posted this letter as an email to Carrick District Council and would apprieciate your thoughts on the proposed Stadium for Cornwall.

Dear Sir/Madam

As a Cornish Pirates supporter, I am delighted at the news of the possibility that Mr Dicky Evans of the Cornish Pirates & Mr Kevin Heaney of Truro City FC, could going into partnership to create a multi- purpose Stadium for Cornwall.

As I’m sure you all know, Cornish rugby has always had a massive following - evidenced of course by the massed fans that travelled to Twickenham during those heady days of the County Championships. More recently, the County team has had a few more "glory years", being semi-finalists in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, and 2003, losing finalists in 1998, and champions in 1999. With somewhere in the region of 40,000 – 50,000 Cornish supporters travelling to Twickers – the phrase “can the last person to cross the Tamar, please turn out the light” came into being!

Sadly the powers at the time, while bathing in the success of Cornish rugby, did little - if anything - to embrace the success of Cornish rugby. While our friends up-country embraced the on-set of professional rugby, Cornish clubs dropped down the leagues and Cornish rugby had become all but meaningless. With no top-level rugby in the County, Cornwall lost many talented players to those who recognised that professional rugby was the way forward e.g. Woodman, Vickery, Voyce, Berkley etc.

It was Dicky Evans who some thirteen years ago, saddened with the decline of his old club – Penzance/Newlyn RFC – decided to do something and has taken the re-branded P/N team, now the Cornish Pirates, to the higher levels of National One rugby and winning the EDF trophy at Twickenham. I’m sure that the Pirates success over the years have shown the way for Lanson, Redruth and Mount’s Bay, all now playing in the National Leages.

Now we need a Stadium for Cornwall to ensure we have top class rugby/football played in the County. Not to embrace this initiative by Mr Evans & Mr Heaney would be criminal – a major let down for our aspiring youngsters who wish to play top class rugby/football but are forced leave the County to achieve such ambition for lack of facilities.

This is a chance not to be missed – a chance that will not come our way again. The growing support at Camborne is currently averaging 3,600 supporters and over 6000 when Northampton played recently, so the support is there in evidence and growing. With the continuing success of the ever - growing Truro City FC, we have the potential of achieving 16,000 supporters on a weekly basis.

I would be interested to know the level of support at Carrick District Council with regard to Stadium for Cornwall.


Roger Curnow – A rugby supporter and a potential a football supporter!

Rob Nolan said...
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Anonymous said...

Presumably the prospect of Kevin Heaney being party to any such development in Truro or elsewhere looks rather less attractive in the face of his company's liquidation, and the fact of 165 creditors, all of whom seem unlikely to be paid. (See West Briton 10.10.08)