Monday, 31 March 2008


Almost a month without blogging. Not that I've been idle, but well even minor Councillors have private lives and mines been a bit trickier than usual of late. I'll start off with a nice easy post. In the past I've mocked Treliske Hospital, posting amusing videos I'd found on YouTube, which seemed to upset them. All I can say in my defence is that they are a bit of an easy target, and the videos were funny. Well on Sunday my son was playing football, against Falmouth. He's a goalie and well known for his bravery in the tackles. Not something he gets from his father! On Sunday the inevitable happened and he ended up in Treliske, with a suspected broken ankle. The staff were brilliant. Helpful, fast, efficient and caring, really all a fretting mother could ask for (father wasn't there, of course, but was ensconced in a warm country pub, oblivious to the drama). Things moved so quickly, the x-rays got back to the ward before the patient did!

So thank you Treliske. I'll still post any videos I find, but as you probably muttered to yourselves before, the world needs Doctors and Nurses more than it needs Councillors and I know my place.

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